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If you have ever been on Atkins, South Beach, or some other low-carb diet plan, you probably noticed two things: Your diet helped you lose 3 to 8 pounds really fast, and Getting off your diet caused you to regain those 3 to 8 pounds just as fast as you […]

Did you ever feel that you were practically born to eat a certain favorite food? Maybe you actually were. In the 1990’s, German nutrition researchers conducted a taste test at the Frankfurter Messe, a trade fair drawing booksellers from all over the world for a week in Frankfurt. They gave […]

Any list headed “Allowed Foods: Low-Carb Diet” is likely to contain a great number of foods that are labeled “sugar-free.” But if you are a diabetic who cannot explain an unexpected spike in blood sugars, the problem just could be “sugar-free” candies and desserts. Every diabetic knows to avoid table […]

If there is anything nutritionists agree on, it’s that white sugar is bad. Tiny amounts of white sugar, however, are not necessarily poisonous for diabetics or anyone else. White sugar has several commendable qualities. It is a quick energy source, one of the most practical home treatments for treating emergencies […]

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