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You may have heard that celery sticks take so much energy to chew and provide so little carbohydrate that they are essentially negative-calorie. But did you know that your body can spend so many calories digesting homemade vegetable soup that it also effectively has negative calories? There are no foods […]

The Internet is a great source of free diet plans, but what about the foods that make them work even better. Here are five super-foods that can make any diet work better. Let’s take a look at them one by one. 1. Açai berry is one of the finest natural […]

Did you ever feel that you were practically born to eat a certain favorite food? Maybe you actually were. In the 1990’s, German nutrition researchers conducted a taste test at the Frankfurter Messe, a trade fair drawing booksellers from all over the world for a week in Frankfurt. They gave […]

Dr. Sherri Rogers, a noted author on natural health, writes that “Vitamin D is better than metformin (a common prescription drug) for controlling diabetes!” Is Dr. Rogers right? Well, the answer to the question of whether vitamin D is as good as metformin and diabetes is one of the symptoms […]

Have your ever taken a good look at a doughnut? A doughnut is round. It fills the entire field of vision every time you take a bite. Doughnuts can be sprinkled with all kinds of crunchy, interesting foods. They can be filled with fruit-scented fillings in the hole in the […]

If there is anything nutritionists agree on, it’s that white sugar is bad. Tiny amounts of white sugar, however, are not necessarily poisonous for diabetics or anyone else. White sugar has several commendable qualities. It is a quick energy source, one of the most practical home treatments for treating emergencies […]

Alcohol and Sugar: A Deadly Combination for Diabetics When the question is what kind of foods to eat with type 2 diabetes, there is a good reason alcohol is nowhere on the list. Alcohol and sugar are a deadly combination for type 2 diabetics. Since alcohol abuse disrupts the metabolism […]

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