Seven Hidden Dangers of the Cabbage Soup Diet

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Millions of people have lost tens of millions of pounds on variations of the cabbage soup diet plan. There is no doubt the diet can work, at least for a week. The problem is that cabbage soup diets are actually dangerous for most dieters. Here are seven reasons why. 1. […]


Five Super-foods to Include with Free Diet Plans

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The Internet is a great source of free diet plans, but what about the foods that make them work even better. Here are five super-foods that can make any diet work better. Let’s take a look at them one by one. 1. Açai berry is one of the finest natural […]


Fast Food Nutrition Facts: Is Eating Out OK on a Diet?

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Dieters need to know that eating out is almost never a good choice if they are seeking to win the battle against belly fat. Some family restaurants serve portions that offer enough calories to feed the whole family, not just an individual diner. Even worse, the typical fast food place […]


Why Do We Love Favorite Foods?

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Did you ever feel that you were practically born to eat a certain favorite food? Maybe you actually were. In the 1990’s, German nutrition researchers conducted a taste test at the Frankfurter Messe, a trade fair drawing booksellers from all over the world for a week in Frankfurt. They gave […]


Save Calories, Save Money When Eating Out

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The average American eats about one meal a day away from home, although many Americans eat almost all their meals in restaurants. But when you eat at fast food places, it pays to be stingy. Here is what it really costs you to go for common “bargain” options: 7-Eleven: Supersize […]


Does Sugar-Free on a Label Really Mean What It Says?

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Any list headed “Allowed Foods: Low-Carb Diet” is likely to contain a great number of foods that are labeled “sugar-free.” But if you are a diabetic who cannot explain an unexpected spike in blood sugars, the problem just could be “sugar-free” candies and desserts. Every diabetic knows to avoid table […]


Diet, Diabetes, and Gum Disease

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We all know that brushing and flossing prevent gum disease, but research from Kyushu University in Japan shows that choosing the right foods also goes a long way toward preventing gum disease in people who have diabetes. In diabetes, gum disease can actually become a medical emergency. High blood sugars […]


On the List of Foods for a Diabetic to Eat, Where Is Coffee?

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On the list of foods for a diabetic to eat, foods that contain caffeine are generally prohibited. In general, caffeine raises blood sugars in people who have diabetes. This is because it can trigger the release of hormones that instruct the liver to release glucose. But recent research shows that […]


Diabetic Neuropathy: Long-Term Effects You Can Prevent or Reverse uncontrolled

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Too many diabetics know the symptoms of neuropathy all too well. Neuropathy long-term effects included burning, tingling, itching, and numbness of the feet and later other parts of the body. Neuropathy can eventually affect both the digestive tract and the heart. Too many years of poorly controlled blood sugars are […]


Is Diabetes One of the Symptoms of Low Vitamin D Levels?

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Dr. Sherri Rogers, a noted author on natural health, writes that “Vitamin D is better than metformin (a common prescription drug) for controlling diabetes!” Is Dr. Rogers right? Well, the answer to the question of whether vitamin D is as good as metformin and diabetes is one of the symptoms […]

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