Weight Loss and Açai Berry

If you think you have found the perfect diet, you can lose even more weight if you take açai extracts. The reason açai helps dieters lose the weight is that it fights inflammation.

Açai berry is scientifically proven to three different kinds of anthocyanins (antioxidant blue and red berry pigments) that penetrate the linings of cells. These blue and red berry pigments modify cells so that they can send a “Stop!” message to the cells of the immune system that cause inflammation.

What difference does it make on your diet if you stop inflammation?

The problem with inflammation is that it slows down the absorption of food, particularly sugars released from fruits and vegetables. This kind of sugar is not bad. In fact, every cell in the body can use glucose for fuel. As we taste and chew our meals, the pancreas prepares a surge of insulin in expectation of a lot of this healthy form of sugar being released into the bloodstream. Inflammation, however, slows down the transport of sugar into circulation.

The body releases the insulin anyway, and it takes sugar out of circulation and stores in the liver, in muscles, and in fat cells. At the same time, all this excess insulin stores a lot of the fatty acids that might have been left over from earlier meals in fat cells. You can actually feel hungrier after you eat, because your body is ready for a surge of glucose it never receives.

Then, when the digested glucose finally makes it past the pockets of inflammation in the walls of the intestines, there is no insulin to handle. You swing from sugar low to sugar high despite having eaten a normal meal. And if you suffer inflammation, dieting makes these sugar swings even worse, that is, if you are not doing anything to stop it.

No food can do more to stop inflammation açai.   Açai will add an additional layer of anti-inflammatory support that will help you feel fuller even faster, help your body absorb all the carbohydrates and protein it needs sooner and from less food, and also control any gastrointestinal unpleasantness that some people have when they first start eating large amounts of cabbage soup.

You can’t go wrong with açai. It is a super-food for any diet. Açai will stop inflammation in its track and help you lose weight faster and feel better than ever before.

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