Green Tea, Weight Loss, and Exercise

Nearly everyone has heard about the weight loss benefits of taking green tea supplements. For nearly 20 years, coaches, trainers, and weight loss experts have proclaimed the benefits of green tea, green tea diet pills, and similar products. But until now an important part of the story of green tea has been left out. Here is what the scientific research now tells us:

Green tea works by increasing the benefits of exercise.

Medical researchers at the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Birmingham in the UK tested the effects of taking 3 capsules of green tea extract 24 hours before volunteers did workouts at maximum velocity on a stationary bike.

Volunteers who took the green tea supplement showed:

  • 17 per cent faster fat burning,
  • 17 per cent more fat burning, and
  • Enhanced sensitivity to insulin, helping muscles take up both glucose and amino acids to repair themselves and grow after exercise.

When cells are more sensitive to insulin, the pancreas can make less insulin, and there is less insulin that also helps store fat.

But what about green tea users who do not get out and exercise as hard as they can. Researchers at the University of Geneva in Nice, France, discovered that:

Green tea has fewer benefits for people who do not exercise.

The French scientists found that taking one capsule of green tea extract a day results in:

  • 4 per cent faster fat burning even at rest, with
  • No loss of muscle mass

even when volunteers did not exercise at all.

There was one other finding. The French scientists found that green tea did not work without caffeine. The British scientists found that green tea did work without caffeine. So here is the one additional finding that’s important to know about green tea:

A low-dose of green tea (1 capsule a day) aid needs to be combined with caffeine to help you lose weight. But a higher-dose of green tea (3 capsules a day) works even without caffeine, as long as dieters exercise.

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