Can You Lose Weight on a High-Fat Diet?

Is it really possible to lose weight on a high-fat diet? Recent research conducted by Danish scientists says the answer to this question is yes, but it is not easy to keep the weight off once you stop.

Researchers at four hospitals in Denmark conducted a six-month study of high-fat, low-fat, and low-calorie diets. They wanted to see if any of the approaches to weight loss helped dieters lose more weight or keep it off longer. They also wanted to know if the diets affected cholesterol or blood sugars. The participants in the study ranged in age between 25 and 35.

No matter which diet the dieters used, they all lost weight. Also, they all gained weight when they stopped dieting. The amount of weight regained, however, was lowest among the dieters who had been on low-fat diets, or who had been careful to eat only healthy fats, like those in nuts, seeds, and fish. Dieters who just reduced calories regained the most weight when they stopped dieting.

Oddly enough, the lowest cholesterol readings were found in the dieters who ate the most fat. There is actually a reason for this. The liver makes most of the body’s cholesterol. It constantly flushes the excess cholesterol away through the bile. If you eat more fat, the liver makes more bile, so eating fat actually in this case lowered total cholesterol levels.

There was an additional benefit to eating healthy fats. The group that ate the most healthy fat had the lowest insulin levels. Insulin stores not just sugar but also fat, so the higher healthy fat diet was also superior on this score.

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