Healthy Food Choices When Eating Out

Many diets take time to read fast food nutrition facts—but these reports of calories, carbs, fats, and sodium don’t really tell you the whole picture. Here are healthy choices at various kinds of restaurants that can help you hold down the calories even if you don’t have a chart of healthy food choices.

Healthy Choices at a Hamburger Place

1. Order your burger with a single meat patty, no cheese, and mayo instead of mustard.

2. Consider a grilled chicken sandwich or a veggie burger.

3. Get your grilled chicken salad with a low-fat dressing.

4. For breakfast, order an egg on a muffin without the sausage patty.

5. Never supersize, and never, ever order extra sauce or extra cheese.

Healthy Choices at a Fried Chicken Restaurant

1. Go for grilled, not fried.

2. Choose the garden salad instead of a Caesar salad.

3. Don’t eat the skin.

4. Don’t order any item presenting fried chicken in a “bowl.”

5. Instead of fries, eat mashed potatoes.

Healthy Choices at Mexican Food Restaurants

1. Bean burritos rather than meat and cheese burritos.

2. Boracho beans or black beans instead of refried beans.

3. Fresco style beef burritos.

4. Soft chicken tacos.

5. Shrimp ensalada.

Healthy Choices at Sub Sandwich Restaurants

1. Order the 6″ sandwich instead of the foot-long.

2. Order lean meats, like roast beef or chicken rather than cold cuts. Or order fresh veggies.

3. Go for lower-fat cheeses, like Swiss or mozzarella.

4. Add extra veggie toppings to fill you up.

5. Take the top piece of bread  off your sub and eat it open-faced.

Healthy Choices at Asian Restaurants

1. Don’t order fried white rice. Order steamed brown rice.

2. Order roasted or steamed entrees rather than stir fries.

3. Choose tofu, which is high in protein and low in fat.

4. Start with cucumber salads, edamame, or sea vegetables.

5. Start with miso or wonton soup rather than  egg drop and hot and sour soup.

Healthy Choices at Italian Restaurants

1. Eat vegetables with your antipasto.

2. Choose plain breadsticks, not cheese.

3. If you must eat pizza, choose thin-crust. And share!

4. Order pasta with tomato sauce rather than meat and cream sauce.

5. Choose griglia (grilled) entrees.

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