When It’s Good for Diabetics to Go Nuts

Nuts should be on any list of foods for diabetics to eat. A modest amount of nuts and seeds, up to a handful (3 oz) a day, provide fiber and fat that can kill appetite. If you want to be able to eat less at any meal, about 20 minutes beforehand eat a healthy snack of 6 walnuts, or 12 almonds, or 20 peanuts. (You don’t have to eat all three kinds of nuts. One kind of nut is enough.) Even though nuts are high in fat, they contain healthy fat, and this fat sends a signal to the brain that there is no need to overeat.

In at least 10 real-world studies, scientists have learned that eating nuts results in weight loss even if overall calorie and carbohydrate consumption remains the same. This effect is very useful for diabetes. Some component of nuts that scientists have yet to identify helps insulin work better. The better insulin stores glucose, the less insulin the body has to make to keep blood sugars down—and insulin also stores fat.

Eating up to 100 g (3-1/2 oz) of nuts every day actually results in about a pound of weight loss a month for most diabetics. And if you are diabetic, you know how hard it can be to lose even one pound! Nuts may not be the way to quick weight loss, but they are certainly the way to easy weight loss.

The fat in nuts also helps your body absorb nutrients in colorful fruits and vegetables. Either a serving or nuts or at least a teaspoon of olive oil or, yes, butter at every meal is really helpful to your body for absorbing vitamin E, vitamin K, lutein, lycopene, and zeaxanthin.

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  1. Carmelina Matin says:

    Lutein is specially useful if you have a job that exposes your eyes to intense blue light. Lutein helps prevent retinal degradation caused by blue light

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