Seven Hidden Dangers of the Cabbage Soup Diet

Millions of people have lost tens of millions of pounds on variations of the cabbage soup diet plan. There is no doubt the diet can work, at least for a week. The problem is that cabbage soup diets are actually dangerous for most dieters.

Here are seven reasons why.

1. The cabbage soup diet does not provide enough fat to protect the gallbladder.

A little bit of fat is necessary for the liver to make bile. Without enough bile, the liver cannot flush out “gravel” that can stick together to become stones. Some people on the old cabbage soup diet suffer gallstone attacks when they went on the diet plan. If you must go on the cabbage soup diet, try to get at least a tablespoon healthy fats every day, so your liver can make the bile that will keep you from any added risk of gallstone attacks.

2. The cabbage soup makes some people some people feel bloated and gassy.

Every bowl of cabbage soup contains 2 grams of fiber—and if you are used to eating just 5 or 10 grams of fiber a day, the cabbage soup diet is guaranteed to cause bloat.

3. The cabbage soup diet does not provide balanced protein on most days of the plan.

Actually, it is really hard not to get enough protein even if you don’t eat meat. Ounce for ounce, cabbage contains considerably more protein than some kinds of meat. For example, you will get more protein from an ounce of cabbage that you will get from an ounce of bacon. But if all you eat is cabbage soup, tomatoes, and bananas, your body will never get enough of the essential amino acids it needs for normal function. It will take those amino acids out of muscle if it doesn’t get them in the diet.

4. The cabbage soup diet is dangerously low in calories.

When you eat a very low calorie diet, your body resets its “thermostat” so it burns fewer calories. That means when you resume eating normally, you gain back even more weight. People who go on the cabbage soup diet wind up fatter than before when they go off the plan.

5. The cabbage soup diet is low in phosphorous.

Cabbage provides many useful nutrients, but phosphorous, a mineral needed for muscle and bone, is not one of them. And when you eat a high-carb diet, even if those carbs are coming from vegetables, your body may strip phosphorous out of muscles that need it.

6. The cabbage soup diet is deficient in essential fatty acids.

When you don’t get n-3 essential fatty acids, your body makes an excess of inflammatory hormones. And what organ is the most susceptible to inflammation in your entire body? Your fat! The immune system can clog your body fat with the white blood cells known as macrophages making fat “fatter.”

7. The old cabbage soup diet was too high in sodium.

If you are using instant soup mix, loaded with salt and MSG, every time you make cabbage soup, you will get too much sodium. And MSG, ironically, can stimulate the appetite, canceling out the benefit of eating the soup.  .

Almost any diet will help you lose weight sooner or later. With the cabbage soup diet, unfortunately, all that weight and more will come back soon.

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