Newly Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes: Diabetes Symptoms Quiz

A new diagnosis with type 2 diabetes usually comes as a shock. Diabetes is something that does not always show up in a physical. That’s because doctors test fasting blood sugars, not blood sugars after meals. In type 2 diabetes the pancreas can make enough insulin to get blood sugars back down to normal sooner or later (at least in the earlier) stages of the disease, but not enough to keep them normal most of the day. The way lab tests are run, the only time a type 2 diabetic’s blood sugars may ever be normal is when blood is drawn for fasting labs.

If there is diabetes in the family, it may help to take this diabetes symptoms quiz. Answering “yes” to 3 or more questions means you may need to take a blood test to see if you have diabetes. Just have the blood drawn after a meal, not first thing in the morning.

1. Have you gained a lot of weight without changing your eating habits? (This happens in the earliest stages of the disease.)

2. Have you lost a lot of weight without dieting? (This is a sign diabetes is relatively advanced.)

3. Do you have blurry vision, especially late in the day or after eating a large dessert?

4. Do you need to go to the bathroom to urinate a lot?

5. Do you have tingling or burning sensations in your fingers or toes?

6. Do you want to eat all the time, even if the food doesn’t taste particularly good?

7. (In conjunction with one or two other symptoms in this quiz), do you have heartburn, gas, or indigestion, or a feeling of sluggish digestion?

8. Have you had one or more blood sugar tests that are on the “borderline” of diabetes, that is, between 100 and 120 mg/dl?

9. Do any of your biological relatives have diabetes?

10. Have you recently had flu or a viral infection that just won’t go away?

Early detection of diabetes is always best, but early detection is the exception, not the rule. Don’t wait until you literally are losing your site or a limb before you get tested for type 2 diabetes!

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