Alcohol and Sugar: A Deadly Combination for Diabetics

Alcohol and Sugar: A Deadly Combination for Diabetics

When the question is what kind of foods to eat with type 2 diabetes, there is a good reason alcohol is nowhere on the list. Alcohol and sugar are a deadly combination for type 2 diabetics.

Since alcohol abuse disrupts the metabolism in many ways, people who have problems with alcohol also tend to have problems with nutrition. Many of these of their nutritional deficiencies result from an impaired ability to absorb important nutrients. Other problems result from the simple fact that people who have alcoholism tend not to eat. Drinking alcohol stimulates appetite, but the genes that predispose people to problem drinking also induce anorexia.

Some people who have alcohol issues also suffer an abnormality in the brain’s ability to produce the enzyme tyrosine hydroxylase. This enzyme empowers the brain to use the amino acid tyrosine to make the mood-lifting chemical norepinephrine. Chronic abuse of alcohol depletes the brain’s supplies of the enzyme. This in turn sets off not just one or two but actually three vicious cycles.

1. Alcohol depletes the enzyme, depletion of the enzyme causes depression, and depression leads the alcohol to drink. People who have a deficiency of tyrosine hydroxylase feel better if they are active, so there is a tendency to be active but not eat.

2. Depression also leads to sugar cravings. That is because higher blood sugar levels clear alcohol out of the bloodstream, so there are resulting cravings for both alcohol and sugar.

3. Finally, many problem drinkers consume alcohol and sugar to the nearly total exclusion of other nutritious foods. And when they do eat healthy food, their bodies have problems absorbing the nutrients.

All these problems are that much worse when there is also diabetes.

What to do if you have problems with both alcohol and diabetes?

  • · Don’t eat table sugar. Eliminate sweets, candies, pastries, and soft drinks with any kind of food sweetened with their cane sugar or high-fructose corn syrup.
  • · Eat fruit in moderation, always fresh, never dried.
  • · Avoid white rice, white potatoes, and white bread.
  • · Eat at least one serving of a protein food three times a day (unless you have cirrhosis of the liver).
  • · Above any other dietary consideration, avoid combinations of alcohol and sugar, fruit sugar (fructose) more destructive to your health even that cane sugar (sucrose

Which alcohol has the lowest sugar content? A bourbon and Coke is bad, but a margarita is worse. Dessert wines are more detrimental to health than dry wines.

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  1. Refadoc says:

    The problem with alcoholism is that the person who suffers from it cannot see its symptoms. Only the people around him are able to judge that it’s time for an intervention. There is a line between social drinking and problem drinking. If people have been saying to you to take some help regarding the same, but you are not able to see it, then take a look at the following symptoms. If you face them all, then it’s time to look for another way of out this problem.

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