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Nuts should be on any list of foods for diabetics to eat. A modest amount of nuts and seeds, up to a handful (3 oz) a day, provide fiber and fat that can kill appetite. If you want to be able to eat less at any meal, about 20 minutes […]

If you are diabetic, chances are you have been given a long list of foods that you can’t eat. But instead of a list of foods you can’t eat, how about a list of foods that are reliably healthy for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes? Generally speaking, […]

A new diagnosis with type 2 diabetes usually comes as a shock. Diabetes is something that does not always show up in a physical. That’s because doctors test fasting blood sugars, not blood sugars after meals. In type 2 diabetes the pancreas can make enough insulin to get blood sugars […]

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